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Muncie's Bridge Dinner

Client: Muncie's Bridge Dinner

Project: Identity Design

Role: Designer at Studio 165+

Location: Muncie, Indiana

Team Members:

Ashley Bahney

Leah Callahan

Megan Hall

Sam Kunsman

Sylvia Marbach

Anna Oakes

Julian Pridemore

Kendra Schemmel

*Studio 165+ received a Student Silver ADDY Award

Muncie’s Bridge Dinner is a community strengthening event inspired by Peter Kageyama’s concept of “love notes” for the city which you live. The event is meant to provide a starting point for an annual dinner focused on bringing the community together.


The Washington Street Bridge silhouette is visually representing a dinner table, with chairs on either side to symbolize the event. The arches of the chairs are a continuation of the bridge to reinforce the idea of the community being brought together during the Muncie’s Bridge Dinner


September 28, 2017 & April 26, 2018

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